Ante Vrban

Awarded Architect Superstar, Arhitect of Light

Architect Ante Vrban belongs to the new generation of architectural superstars. In his thirties he already received a multiple of international awards for architecture. With over 300 developed projects around the globe, he continues to produce his specific signature of architecture. He is known as AV, the architect of light. With his specific atmosphere that his projects have, outside

and in. He always says that a house should “speak”, meaning that exterior has to communicate with the nature around it, and that the interior has to “speak” to his owners. Tough every project is different from another, you can always recognise his signature in reflections ( he adores mirrors at a certain position and angle) with his signature mirror strips and, of course, light.

He often says that a house is like a beautiful sculpture, during the day lighted by sun and with a different character then in the evening when its lighted by his idea, enhancing her beauty. He uses only natural materials, and all his projects have a special “vibe”, they look very simple and elegant, without anything extra. And feel ultra luxurious. His first CV was written by Rima

Suki, the New York Times journalist when he was only 23 years old. His latest work that will be shown to the international public is Expo Dubai 2021 croatian Pavillion with a name “Mobility of mind”, and we can’t wait to see what his mind imagined this time, he only said ‘I will take you on a virtual journey trough beauties of Croatia’. And knowing his work so far, what a journey it will be. On the gratest showcase of architecture on the planet, The Expo Dubai 2021.