Dubravka Štefanac Vinovrški

Corporate Communications Director at A1 Hrvatska

Dubravka Štefanac Vinovrški began her career back in 2002, while still a student at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, working for the largest media company at that time Europapress Holding. Upon graduation, she worked for Siemens, where she was in charge of the company’s B2B marketing communications. She continued her career in the FMCG industry as head of marketing and public relations at dm-drogerie markt. In addition to her many accomplishments in brand reputation management and strategic communications, Dubravka was also responsible for some of the most successful marketing and communications projects in the retail segment, including loyalty and CRM programs, as well as for employer branding. Since 2019, she has been at the helm of the corporate communications department at A1 Hrvatska, in charge of the internal and external communication at a company with nearly 2,000 employees in an extremely dynamic industry. The telco’s internal and external communication during the COVID-19 pandemic, headed by Dubravka, has won several international awards as well as an award by the Croatian Association for Public Relations (HUOJ).