Elisabetta Lamboglia

Programmatic | Strategy | Climate and Sustainability | STEM | Guest Lecturer | Mentor

Elisabetta Lamboglia is a senior professional, first joined the European Space Agency in 2006.
MSc cum laude in Space System Engineering (2006), she also has been part of the NASA Ames Research Centre (ISU, 2009) for the DREAM Project,  which customer was the World Bank. In 2015 Elisabetta post-graduated in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science, with a special focus on International Organizations & International/Environmental Security.
In the past decade, she has developed relevant expertise in Space systems, cost, programmatic, strategy, evaluations, dialogues and negotiation.
Author of several international papers, Elisabetta is an enthusiast about space application for the benefit of our contemporary society.
Being officially selected for representing women in the STEM domain in Italy (100esperte.it) and ESA ambassador in STEM, today Elisabetta is also PhD candidate in geo information at the University of Rome `Tor Vergata`.
Elisabetta is currently coordinating activities for the ESA Climate and Sustainability Office and leading the ESA Cost Engineering team for the Earth Observation programs, for a greener and more sustainable future.