Gerard Tannam

Brand Builder & Storyteller

Gerard has always been fascinated with brands, how they work, rest and play & the stories they tell. He could argue that he has been telling stories for as long as he has been hearing them and was making brand choices even before he could talk.

Like many people, he didn’t take the direct route to his chosen career but he found that his rich experience in working in different parts of the world and with people and businesses from all walks of life had given him his own common sense take on brands and how they work.

In 2004 he set up Islandbridge, a strategic brand consultancy and they have developed a practical and effective approach to brand building that enables them to work with companies of all shapes and sizes in Ireland and overseas.

He passionately believe that your relationship with your customer is the keystone to building a great business and their aim is to change the way the world does business by inspiring business leaders everywhere to build their brand around a thoughtful, fair and fruitful exchange between them and their customers. Following their own story-based approach, they work with their clients to develop a brand framework, which helps them build new relationships and strengthen existing ones, gain competitive edge and grow their business.

When he is not building brands, he is Mentor to Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Start-Ups (as they gear up to export around the world), and to Dublin City University Invent’s Incubation Clients.

You can find out more about Gerard’s work at