Iva Mihalic Krčmar

Founder @ Putoholicari

Iva Mihalic Krčmar was born in 1984 in Čakovec. She finished high school in Varaždin and graduated from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics. After graduating with a master’s degree in informatics, she enrolled at the Faculty of Teachers in Čakovec and additionally obtained the title of Teacher of informatics. She works as an IT teacher in an elementary school and was promoted to the title of Teacher-mentor in 2019.

In addition to her schoolwork, Iva is an avid traveler. Ten years ago Iva and her husband Branko started the website called Putoholičari, where they give advice on organizing inexpensive travels. On the website, in addition to providing advice, you can find cheaper flights, guides for organizing an independent trip, readers’ travelogues and you can even find yourself a travel companion. Their travels, with numerous suggestions, can also be followed on social networks, where they have gathered a community of travel enthusiasts consisting of over 300,000 people.

In addition to traveling, Iva and Branko love their work in digital marketing, they love photography and animals. They are proud owners of two Westie Terrier dogs, Leo and Messi.