Ivan Biliškov

CEO @Codeasy

Ivan Biliškov is the director of the Split-based software development company Codeasy, founder of the AI startup Necogi, and a doctoral candidate at the University of Split’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB) in the field of artificial intelligence and computer vision.

His journey began 15 years ago in renowned companies, where he quickly progressed to leading projects and organizing work. His expertise and dedication did not go unnoticed, leading him to partner with American colleagues to launch the startup CultureConnect. With CultureConnect, he won prestigious awards and eventually sold his first startup in 2020. Ivan also founded his own company, Codeasy, a specialized software agency attracting foreign clients worldwide. Codeasy offers a wide range of services covering all phases of software development, from ideation and implementation to scaling, optimization, and maintenance.

In addition, Ivan is developing his own AI product that combines various sciences and utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. AI implementation extends beyond his own project, as Codeasy’s current focus includes integrating artificial intelligence into all client projects aimed at transforming their businesses. Their latest project, developed with the help of artificial intelligence, is a gift to the entire region: the mental health platform “Pomozi.hr.”

Recognition for their work in artificial intelligence has rapidly spread among clients and the local community, positioning the company as a leader in AI in the region.