Ivan Golubić

Ivan Golubic is the founder of Mobile Vehicle Technology

Ivan Golubić is the founder of Mobile Vehicle Technology. Currently global company for development of modern IoT and smart city solutions as well as electric vehicles.

In 2014 Ivan finished high school in Zagreb and continued his education on Polytechnic of Zagreb for baccalaureus Mechatronics engineer degree. He worked throughout his studies to invest into future company.

In past years Ivan was awarded for innovations shown on most prestigious word invention exhibitions. After major success with developed technology he started a business in a small municipality near Zagreb.

In 2017 Mobile Vehicle Technology was awarded for best invention on most prestigious fair in Geneva for Grunner electric smart bike and technology.

Ivan and his team applied for the competition at Startup Factory Zagreb and became one of the winners.

Company is currently gaining new investors, projects and partners in Europe and Asia.