Josipa Majić

Co-founder at Revuto, changing the way you pay for subscriptions

Josipa Majić is an IT entrepreneur based in Zagreb. As a student, she worked on the first product of the “smart bear” with biomedical records, which he licensed to Hasbor, and then engaged in the analysis of biometric signals through the company
He donated a laboratory for the analysis of biometric signals and efficient accounting to the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, where he works as a lecturer and external associate.
In parallel, she entered the world of cryptocurrencies and fintech as a co-founder of Revuto, a subscription cost management company. He is working with the company for the first-ever token sale on the Cardano platform, where $ 10 million in investments have been raised as well as 3 million pre-orders in just a few weeks and 300,000 active users in the EU alone.