Marin Mrša

CEO/Founder at Peekator

Founder and CEO of Peekator, a startup that deals with collecting and analyzing data related to customer experience. In a short time, Peekator managed to work with some of the biggest players on the market like dm and Unicredit.

Marin is GRIT Future leader 2020 chosen by Greenbook as one of the 16 people in the world who are the next generation of insights.

When he founded Peekator, he quit his job at Dogus group where he worked in a luxury hotel on multiple positions, from customer relations to finance. He graduated MBA at Cotrugli Business School and is an active member of the local startup community. Also, he is the initiator of the CX Meetup whose main purpose is to create and strengthen the local CX community.

He posts trending content on LinkedIn DAILY so take a look!