Marko Vrbančić

Managing Partner @Cyrrus Wealth Management

In the past working as a bank liquidity manager, client discretionary portfolio manager, and finally head of Private banking before entering the entrepreneurial world, Marko has been associated with banking and the capital markets pretty much his whole career.

As a part of the team, he was awarded with numerous world-recognized awards for excellence perceived by clients and fellow professionals.

Marko continues to emphasize teamwork, which is the basis of excellence. He holds an MBA degree in economics and is licensed to work as a broker and investment advisor. He received additional education in the field of financial instruments in Vienna and Luxembourg and also participated in numerous professional conferences and seminars.

He currently holds the position of board member and managing partner at Cyrrus Wealth Management, which since 2021 has been offering the services of one of the leading, non-banking, brokerage companies from the Czech Republic. Cyrrus, now with an international presence, has been in business for more than 28 years, has over 17,000 clients, 150 employees, and over 2 billion euros under administration.