Mirko Logozar

Founder of Eat Different and all-round storyteller

In June 2015, Mirko founded Eat Different, educational project of a healthy lifestyle trough developing proper nutrition, physical activity and positive mindset. Today, Eat Different grew to over 8.000 fans on social media networks and has a unique, educational online TV with over 50 episodes broadcasted.

In 2016. he started a new journey. Influenced by his online TV director and right hand man, Mirko attended basic movie workshop in Blank filmski inkubator where he wrote the best scenario in his group, which resulted in directing his first short movie in June 2016. In October 2016. he went to Budapest, Hungary where he directed his first international short documentary movie.

This year he started doing workshops about healthy lifestyle and working with individuals on their complete lifestyle change; from nutrition and physical activity to a positive and healthy, successful mindset.