Nikola Zec

Founder at OnlineVideographer, WorldFood Box & NZ Business | TOP TALENTS UNDER 25 | Lider 30 UNDER 30

Nikola Zec is a 20 yo Croatian entrepreneur & speaker, named on the Lider 30 Under 30 and Top Talents Under 25 list. First known as a founder of brand WorldFood Box which has Nikola founded in high school and his own marketing agency “NZ Business”. Nikola is currently completing an undergraduate degree in marketing at the Faculty of Economics in Valencia and an MBA at the Swiss School of Business and Management. Through 2020, he also founded two more startups, Gooders News, a non-profit positive media company, and video production agency OnlineVideographer. has been named on the Lider 30 Under 30 and Top Talents Under 25 list
He claims to be “a lost person who tries to realize every idea that comes to his mind”. He says that he is not afraid of failure because he considers it as a very good opportunity for learning.
”Sometimes you make a mistake, you fall, but in the end, you always learn something. The thing I have certainly learned through starting a startup is to conceptually and systematically approach problems, find possible solutions, evaluate them, and choose the appropriate solution.”