Predrag Suka

Head of study of Multimedia Computer Engineering at Algebra University College

Predrag has started his career as a photojournalist in the daily newspapers even before he turned 18. He has extended his experience through work on radio and national television without neglecting his photography exhibitions and higher education at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. During his higher education, he started working at the Department of Mechanical Engineering where he spent most of his engagement on software training in AutoCAD’s current versions, and on 3D aspects of the education program working in 3Dsmax.

He obtained 20 years of professional experience working for design studios, agencies and architectural bureaus. This type of experience was mostly focused on the area of photography, design and 3D which enabled him to retain and create visual content and communication between the areas. His lecturing and training experience continues in Autodesk ATC and AAP in Croatia, where he is currently working as a primary lecturer and a mentor and is holding training as an Autodesk certified instructor. Moreover, he is a chair holder on the Multimedia Computing and Game development study at the University College Algebra, and actively teaches in the field of multidisciplinary design, photography, 3D courses and multimedia courses.

In his free time, he works on the above-written fields and areas by providing consulting services and developing digital content. Predrag is also a public speaker, guest lecturer and multiple award-winner in the field of design, photography, and 3D. As an expert associate, he has participated in the EU education and training projects, as well as projects related to expanding and promoting air and space research through the Google Lunar X-Prize and the Stellar Association, where he is an active member. He is also a member of European Advisory Council for Autodesk ATC/AAP.