Tino Prosenik

CEO of Yachtmaster Group, disrupting analog industries with digital solutions.

Tino Prosenik, agricultural engineer turned skipper, changing the nautical industry and agriculture through digital innovations.

After higher education in agriculture, Tino joined the growing nautical sector in 2009 by developing the first real-time skipper booking system called Yachtmaster.

In 2015 Tino and the Yachtmaster Group created ICE (International Charter Expo) – this unique event becomes globally accepted as the center of the yacht charter industry.
This event is later fused with the Group’s proprietary Handshake app, enabling participants to schedule a high number of meetings, turning ICE into the most productive B2B event of the industry.

In 2019 the Icemarket platform is launched – a digital marketplace for international yacht sales within the yacht charter industry.
The Yachtmaster Group becomes the first proprietor of an international yacht sales channel unlimited by national borders and dealer networks.

In 2020 the global pandemic brings food production and self-sustainability into focus; the Gruntek project is born.
The Yachtmaster Group merges a digital interface with organic agriculture – gardens of the future take shape.
The idea of digitally managed organic gardens will forever change the food-consuming society into a food-producing one.
The expansion of digitally managed and monitored personal gardens could define the agriculture of the 21st century.