Vlatko Tutić

Projects Lead at JoomBoos (24sata)

Vlatko Tutić is a 28 year-old projects lead at JoomBoos, the biggest multi-channel network in Adria region targeting Generation Z. Vlatko entered the world of digital marketing industry six years ago in the niche of social media, and in the meantime he has established himself as one of the biggest experts in social media & innovative platforms. Among other things, he launched TikTok profiles for 24sata, which now is the largest media brand on TikTok in the Adria region. He won “SoMo Borac” award, where he placed as a finalist in the “Community Manager of the Year” category. As of recent, he’s been working on major production projects in the entertainment world with a focus on Generation Z, Generation Alpha and Young Millennials.
Beyond that, he is passionate about everything digital, everything new, and regularly follows everything important and not so important in the internet world.