Zvonimir Matutinović

Head of Digital Operations in Teva Group

Zvonimir Matutinović is an experienced business professional passionate about digitalisation in pharmaceutical industry. He is the head of global Digital Operations in Teva, the biggest generic pharmaceutical company in the world. What started as an internal experiment 5 years ago has slowly become a major success story.

It took a lot of late nights and early mornings to lead a team of 1, until Croatia showed to have a huge potential. Today Digital Operations team is an internal digital services provider built to cater to Teva companies worldwide. To be more precise, the Ops Team provides digital services across 5 continents to more than 40 Teva subsidiaries. Today Zvonimir’s team has more than 20 employees, which is rapidly evolving alongside Teva, with the aim to transform itself from traditional into digital leader, and strengthen further it’s position in generic pharma.