Tours in Zagreb

Classic Zagreb Tour

Zagreb, a beautiful city with a million hearts. It is young and playful at heart, despite the almost thousand-year-old history of its old town. In this city, you can easily meet remarkable people, make new friends and enjoy special moments.

This is a classical Tour of the inner part of Zagreb. Myths, Legends, interesting facts and everyday life of Zagreb is something that you will experience during the Classical Tour of Zagreb. Our experienced tour gide will lead you through the most important and well-known parts of Zagreb and your task is just to relax, enjoy and feel the spirit of this beautiful city!

Meeting point: Main square (Trg bana Josipa Jelačića, in front of the fountain Manduševac)

Language: English
Duration: 120 minutes
Schedule: per request
Price: 150 HRK(20€)/person

*min. 2 people required for a tour

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 Escape Zagreb Tour

A new interactive tour has finally come to Zagreb!

Traveling through time and solving the epic riddles reveals the most interesting parts of Zagreb. Each riddle gives a new clue where to go next, but it is not that simple! The tour will be based on an epic legend about Zagreb, and will make anyone act fast and complete “The Task“ to finish the game.

Each tour is unique and every group is making it’s own story about Zagreb based on how the riddles are answered, and which path on the map is chosen. Sounds exciting, right?

Today it’s just a game, but once it was a part of ordinary life happening in the streets of Zagreb.


Meeting point: Main square (Trg bana Josipa Jelačića, in front of the fountain Manduševac)

Language: English (materials in English)
Duration: 90 minutes
Schedule: per request (11am – 4pm)
Price: 190 HRK(25€)/person

*2-8 participants

mail: [email protected]                  web:

InstaZagreb Tour

Zagreb is a beautiful city and can offer you great views to take amazing pictures. No more unnecessary information about the city. This tour guarantees you the best places where you can take pictures in Zagreb, including a tour guide who will make sure you find out everything you need to know about the city. Oh, yes! For larger groups, a professional photographer on the tour is INCLUDED!

Places we will visit: Croatian National Theather (only outside), Park Zrinjevac, Main square, Cathedral, Dolac Market, Tkalčićeva street, St. Mark’s church, hidden parks, World War II. Tunnel (+ Ilica street)

Meeting point: Croatian National Theather

Language: Engish
Duration: 2 hours
Schedule: per request

Price: 150 HRK (20€)/person

*min. 10 people required for a tour


mail: [email protected]                       web: