Meet LEAP Ambassadors!

Bilal Awan

Bilal Awan who strongly believes in the great potential of the youth in Balkan region.

Bilal hopes to commence operations in the Balkan States to provide vital IT experience to young entrepreneurs as well as strengthening the IT infrastructures in the Balkans. He will focus on Cyber Security and Cloud Technologies while creating employment opportunities for technologists in Balkans

Kristian Marić

Kristian Marić, Young Entrepreneur from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Interested in Networking, Personal, and Business Development. Get in touch with more and more people from all industries and through the power of the community give every person the chance to achieve what they want. I want to achieve “Freedom” (Time, Money and Place) to help people around me to become the best version of themselves and improving their skills every single day. One day I just want to hear from someone these words “Because of You, I didn´t give up”.

Uada Mema

Uada is a Master of Science student in Information Security, University of Tirana. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business Informatics. Uada is actively engaged in civil society, where she is part of different NGOs and youth initiatives in Albania and abroad. Being in contact with different people concerned with internet governance, she has started to show a huge interest in this field. On the other hand she loves traveling, hiking, drawing and volleyball.

Bawar Mohammed

My name is Bawar Mohammed , I’m from Kurdistan of Iraq, I missed a lot of dreams of my life because of bad situations that happened to Our Community because of that I’m interested to helping everyone to achieve their dreams!

For this purpose it’s been a year when I have created a group on Facebook for Helping Iraqi & Kurdistani Student’s to achieve their Goals by sharing Exchange Programmes , scholarships , Study abroad Programmes , Voluntary Projects ,  and all other Youth opportunities!

Cezar Calin

I am Caesar, a young aspiring changemaker that wants to experience every moment of his life to the fullest and in the same time have a positive impact on the world. I am a very curious, spontaneous and easy to connect to type of person which strives every day to become a better version of himself. I consider myself an ambivert, a people person and quite frankly, a party animal.

Marilo Meta

Mr. Marilo Meta is a young leader, computer scientist, advocate and activist passionate about youth empowerment, leadership, and law. Through his experience, he worked with national non-profit and civil society organizations in different interventions related to youth empowerment.

Mr. Meta holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Science from the University of Tirana at Albania.

Xhoana Pepa

My name is Xhoana and I am from the beautiful Albania.Actually I am an Excellent student at Faculty of Law ,University of Tirana and also member of an International NGO.I love Politics and History and also i love to read old books.One of my biggest passions is traveling so you can find me at any corner of the world.I have some great debating skills and I am a great public speaker too.I am very social so you can contact me or ask for help anytime.

Jaiveer Singh

I live to explore, create, innovate & collaborate with people. I’ve been working in the clean energy & sustainability field for over 6 years now and have started the Alternate Currents to facilitate our transition to cleaner sources of energy consumption, production & storage.

I like travelling, exploring, running, hiking, team sports & climbing.

Kevin Hoxha

I am Kevin Hoxha, from Albania.

I am a young person motivated to learn and to bring good changes to society. I love meeting new people with different perspectives, sharing and creating experiences and I always want to improve my skills. I am always looking forward to new adventures to develop myself.

Akber Aly
Akber is a two time LEAP attendee and current ambassador for the conference. Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, Akber studied in Bremen, Germany for his major in business management and his specialization is in supply chain/ logistics and finance. In the future, Akber seeks to combine his passions for business and social justice to become a social entrepreneur. In his free time, Akber loves to travel and meet new people.