LEAP Awards

LEAP Summit is looking for young people who are making the real impact in the world!

LEAP Awards is an event which recognizes and awards the best young individuals and organizations across the world which are making a great social impact.

Are you making positive changes in your community? Do you inspire other people? Are you making the social impact? Then we are looking for you!

About LEAP Awards


20th February – 1st March 2018


a) The best socially responsible project

b) The best NGO

c) The best young changemaker

d) The best young social entrepreneur

Jury voting:

2nd March – 5th March

Public voting (top 3 selected candidates): 

6th March – 12th March

Announcement of winners – LEAP Summit, LEAP Stage, Saturday, 17th of March – 12:00

* Winners will be selected based on the: 80% jury votes (4 jury members) +20% public voting

Jury Members


Ceo at Act Grupa

Tina Lee

Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Zagreb School of Economics and Management


Coach and Mentor on International Non-Formal Educational Projects


Nova TV


LEAP Summit Founder


    Candidates who can apply for LEAP Awards must be between 18 and 35 years

    * If you are applying for categories: "The best socially responsible project", "The best NGO", or "The best young social entrepreneur"

    Give us more information if you are applying for:
    a) The best socially responsible project - Introduce us to your project. Guidelines: Start/end date, budget, sponsors, who were the people involved in the whole process / team, key stakeholders and beneficiaries / users, what was the purpose of the project, what results (products/outputs) were expected and achieved, key benefits for you / your organization, media coverage (send us some links), sustainability of the project.
    b) The best NGO - Introduce us to your NGO. Guidelines: Description of your NGO, vision/mission, NGO's budget, sponsors, who are your team, key stakeholders, and beneficiaries/users, what projects are you doing and with what purpose, what results you have so far, sustainability of the NGO.
    c) The best young changemaker - Tell us more about yourself, what is your background, what are you doing currently, what did you do so far? How are you changing the world, how you change your community? What are your values, what is your story? What are your results so far and what are you planning to do in next 10 years from now?
    d) The best young social entrepreneur - Tell us more about yourself, what is your background? Tell us more about your social venture - your business plan and your goals? What are your current challenges and how are you hoping to make the impact? What are the numbers connected to your social venture?

    Tell us about what feedback you got and what impact you made. How have you changed someone's life?

    This is the place where you can write anything you like what we didn't ask you above.