This year’s conference is yet to be held in May, but our most dear LEAP-ers don’t wait! In fact, participants have shown a great deal of interest and impatience so they grabbed their free tickets for the biggest youth conference in southeast Europe.

Needless to say, that was entirely above our expectations because more than 750 tickets are already gone in the first week! The number of obtained tickets is rising by the hour which is for us great honor and once again proof we have the best audience from all over the world.

LEAP Summit will focus on a multidisciplinary approach in entrepreneurship, innovation, digital technologies, sustainable development and the EU Green Deal, startups and career development. All participants can expect a rich informal program that gives them the opportunity to network, start and/or expand their business and be informed about new business opportunities!

We have announced the first round of speakers which include Mirela Sula, CEO and founder of Global Woman Club, Albert Gajsak, co-founder and CEO of tech startup CircuitMess, Barbara Slade Jagodic, owner at agency etc. We strongly advise to look out for the agenda which will upgrade every week!

Participation is free of charge, so hurry up and apply right here

Career development and tech news

All of our participants will have the chance to hear leading professionals talk about the newest trends and expand their base of knowledge as well as network with leaders in desired industries. As always, networking is the greatest cohesion tool in the world of business. So when the curtains finally close and every speaker gets off the stage, our participants will get the opportunity to network and meet like-minded professionals with, perhaps, same goals!

What can you expect from LEAP Summit 2022?

  • 60+ world-renowned speakers from various industries
  • +2500 people from 30 countries
  • Parallel program on several stages, so you can always find something useful for yourself
  • Opportunities to network, expand your  business and meet like-minded people
  • Workshops, panels, debates etc.

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