Do you know how much free time you spend on daily commitments?

When we think of delivery, most of us remember shipments of ordered products from some of the internet buying platforms. But what if we tell you that from now you can order “free time”? To avoid the lines in the shops and enjoy the dishes of your favorite restaurants, you no longer have to even cross the threshold because the delivery of free time – comes to you directly! Pauza, the oldest platform for online food ordering, explained to us what can be delivered to your doorstep with the fastest delivery from now on.

Free time is your time to rest

The delivery industry has been in full swing in recent years, and its development has accelerated further in the last two years. Pauza is no longer just an online food ordering service limited to a few areas. Home delivery is available in 12 Croatian cities, and the number of users is increasing every day. Healthy eating has already found its place on the map of the world, and there are more and more supporters in Croatia. For all lovers of healthy and natural products and connoisseurs of superfoods, Pauza has united on its platform a diverse offer of shops Tvornica Zdrave Hrane, as well as Planet zdravlja. In addition, to enjoying top-quality dishes from over 900 shops from the comfort of your own home, you will find a delivery service for food and non-food products at Pauza.

“In a way, we provide users with free time that many, in achieving harmony between private and business life, have less and less. With our service of ordering daily necessities – from food to hygiene and favorite dishes from popular restaurants, customers can relax and leave the whole concept of the former “grocery store” to our delivery partners. Everything that fits in delivery bag – they will find on our platform. Customers choose the products they need and wait for the delivery that arrives on their doorstep in an average of 27 minutes “, they said from Pauza.

Everything you need for top-notch entertainment

If you suddenly feel like eating your grandmother’s favorite cake or you forgot to buy a gift to your best friend who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow – Pauza is here for you. You can find all the necessary ingredients for the cake in well-known chains such as Metro, Lonia or Panda. To choose a top quality wine as a gift for a friend or you to enjoy with delivered dinner, there is the possibility of delivery from the “Vinoteka Vintesa”, for example. Pauza knows that pets are a big part of the family, so they thought of them too. In the diverse assortment of the pet shop Zoo Vili you can find everything that cute animals need and Pauza’s delivery partners will make them happy with the things you chosed for them. With the arrival of nice weather, gatherings of friends and family in the sun and fresh air are becoming more common, and where there is good fun – there is also good food. Top quality meat for all who like to call themselves grill masters is located in the Bulls butcher shop. While you start the ideal fire for the barbecue, Pauza delivery partners deliver meat to you, and if you are more of a “sit and eat” kind of guy, then you’ll be happy with the selection of the restaurants delivering to your address. Seafood lovers will also not be disappointed, as Pauza from the delicatessen fish shop, Fisheria, distributes the necessary omega-3 acids.

Simple and up-to-date application

Pauza’s team is constantly improving its offer and service. Fast and reliable delivery is done in just a few steps. By entering your delivery address, you select the restaurant or store from which you want to order groceries, or a meal, and set the payment method. Health protection in this difficult times is always in the first place, so you can choose contactless delivery by which you get your order left right in front of your front door with no contact needed.

Pauza has existed since 2008 and is the oldest service for online food ordering, present in almost all major Croatian cities. Six years ago, it became a part of the Delivery Hero group, which brings together online food ordering services in more than 40 countries around the world, through Malaysia, India and Hungary to Croatia. Follow Pauza’s special offers daily on Facebook and Instagram pages.