Aleksandra Orlić

Editor In Chief at Cosmopolitan Croatia Magazine

Aleksandra Orlić is the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan in Croatia, writer and photographer, and is happy that she can combine her great loves – the one for words and the one for pictures, as well as those for print and the web – into one mega cocktail. She has been involved in the media for the past twenty years – creating content, writing, editing, photographing, communicating with readers, designing interesting digital content, working on brand development, social media, writing screenplays, with a lot of playful energy, creativity and emotions. Over the years, she learned how to reconcile the artist in herself with the team leader who deals with numbers. Aleksandra is also the author of many books and has had a number of photographic exhibitions. At LEAP Summit, Aleksandra will tell you the story of how Cosmopolitan, as one of the most powerful brands in history, has changed over time, and why Cosmopolitan is one of the biggest changemakers ever.