Anca del Río

EIT Alumni President, Sociologist, health economist and purpose-driven innovator

“Anca is a passionate and purpose-driven professional in strategic development, global health and innovation governance, fostering collective action between businesses, governments and the civil society for progress and a sustainable future. She is a thought leader with entrepreneurial drive for impact, digital transformation and positive change, and is engaged in improving the quality of life within communities while also striving for better health outcomes at an individual level.

Currently Anca is based in Switzerland, however throughout her international career she enriched her journey by studying, living or working in over 12 countries across Europe, the United States, Middle East and Australia.

By leveraging a multicultural background, a strong scientific and business acumen, and global experience in digital capacity building and systemic change management, Anca puts great ambition in the advancement of need-led innovation, the meaningful adoption of innovation and development of mission-oriented networks.

As a lifelong catalyst and community builder in the innovation ecosystem she is currently engaging young leaders with political and industry stakeholders to shape equitable and inclusive agendas for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals. In her presidential role with the EIT Alumni, Anca is committed and driven to foster a greener, healthier and digitally enabled Europe by leading the Network of Networks of over 14.000 innovators and entrepreneurs, from all EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs).  She is in charge of the strategic steering of EIT Alumni towards financial sustainability and global development by advancing cross-sectoral cooperation, a culture of growth and excellence and an impact mindset across EIT’s European and global network (USA, UK, China, Israel).”