Andrea Andrassy

Columnist. Writer. Influencer with a serious aversion towards the term. Radio and TV personality. Cheeseburger executive officer.

Andrea Andrassy is a columnist, best-selling book author and social media influencer with a serious aversion towards the term “influencer” since it has no substance on its own. Her previous gigs include stand-up and hosting a radio show, but nowadays she’s more focused on TV, social media and copywriting. Along with writing a weekly column for, she also works as a digital marketing specialist, specializing in influencer marketing, and a part-time translator for a Slovenian fitness company because she likes to keep thing as random as possible. In her spare time, she runs her own company, covering all the aforementioned areas. With no official title in her
one-(wo)man-company, she chooses to call herself “cheeseburger executive officer”, CEO for short.