Ante Babić

Policy Officer in DG ENERGY in European Commision

Background in international economics and macroeconomic. Started as researcher on Economics Institute of Zagreb in early 1990s. Ph.D. from University of Zagreb. Post-doc as Fubright fellow on Harvard University. Moved to Croatian National Bank in late 1990s and joined Government of the Republic of Croatia 2004-2005 as State Secretary for Development. In 2005, started consulting company for macroeconomic and development consulting in EU, especially South-East Europe. Switched interest to Sustainable development in 2010, ran project ZelenJava, including TV show – the first TV show about sustainability – in 2011, and continued to work in this field since. In 2012-2013 organized project EUforija to increase knowledge of EU policies and preparedness of businesses in Croatia and other countries of South-East Europe for EU. Joined European Commission in 2016, working on sustainable development, energy and climate policies.