Antonija Mršić Radas

Innovation Policy Specialist, EU Funds Manager at Rimac Automobili

Antonija Mrsic Radas currently works at the Rimac automobili company as EU Funds Manager. Her work there involves managing team, activities and processes related to the identification of possible state and EU funding opportunities, preparation of project proposals, implementation of received aid, technical and financial monitoring and reporting, as well as national government and EU institutions affairs.
She has more than 15 years of experience in public, non-governmental and private sector, having worked in all in all stages of policy cycle (agenda-setting; drafting strategies, programmes, laws, grants schemes; project assessment; coaching grant applicants and start-ups; project proposal writing; implementation of aid schemes as a beneficiary; monitoring; and program evaluation). She is a specialist in Croatian and European research, innovation, entrepreneurship and competitiveness policy.
Ms Mrsic holds a PhD in Public Policy and Development from the University of Zagreb.