Bibop Gresta

Co-Founder and Chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

As the Co-Founder and current Chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT), Mr. Gresta leads a team of 800 professionals in 40 countries that span 6 continents. HyperloopTT was the first company to begin development of the Hyperloopâ„¢ and is the largest company ever built upon a collaborative business ecosystem. HyperloopTT, under Mr. Gresta’s leadership, has been revolutionizing both mobility and the outdated business model.

Before HyperloopTT, Bibop co-founded the influential start-up incubator Digital Magics SPA, which has served as the catalyst for the launching of more than 70 other companies. In addition to his entrepreneurial successes, he is a world-renowned speaker on issues ranging from ethical entrepreneurship to mobility. Bibop has keynoted at events that range from the World Economic Forum and United Nations to TedTalk and MTV. He is known for always bringing a unique and thoughtful perspective. For this reason, he has a following that includes high school/university students to heads of state.