Bilal Awan

Award Winning Entrepreneur, Technologist, Thought Leader, CEO of Aristotle VR & Fortwell Business systems

Bilal is a technologist turn entrepreneur who believes a failure could be turned into an opportunity. Bilal is Founder and CEO of Fortwell Business Systems and Aristotle VR, an I.T. Security and Virtual Reality firms based in Dublin, Ireland with global audience and partnerships.

Bilal formed partnerships with startups and well-established businesses in Balkans region since his first visit to LEAP in 2017, where he didn’t lose an opportunity to network with attendees of LEAP Summit which lead him to travel around Balkans and partnering with firms of huge talent and skill sets.

Bilal was also nominated as top 20 startup entrepreneurs in 2014 by Websummit and his ethos circles around providing opportunities to those who are lacking opportunity, as he firmly believes everybody deserves an opportunity, and if one is able to provide an opportunity, it must be provided as Bilal himself was given an opportunity which helped him forming his career as an entrepreneur.

He is currently leading a team of Psychologists and Technologists who are building a VR solution to treat phobias and mental illnesses, about which he will be talking on stage during the Summit.

In recent past, Bilal’s one of startup won Best Startup of the Year 2018 from South Dublin Chamber and himself was recently accredited as All-Ireland All-Start Business Thought Leader in I.T. Security.