Børge Ousland

Polar Explorer

Born 1962 in Oslo, Norway.  Børge Ousland worked several years as a deep-sea diver before he started with polar expeditions. In 2015 Børge also created the award winning travel destination Manshausen in northern Norway. Børge lives in Oslo with wife Hege and their daughter Ingeborg.


1986. Skied across Greenland with Agnar berg and Jan Morten Ertsaas. From Johan Pettersen Fjord on the east coast to Umanak on the west coast, March – May.

1990. Skied to the North Pole with Geir Randby and Erling Kagge. From Ellesmere Island in Canada, March – May. First unsupported ski trip to the North Pole

1993. Skied through Frans Josef Land with Agnar Berg. From Jackson Island to Alexandra Island, April.

1994. Solo to the North Pole. From Cape Arktichesky in Russia, March – April. First solo and unsupported ski trip to the North Pole.

1995. Solo to the South Pole. From the ocean side of Berkner Island, Nov – Desember. First to ski solo and unsupported to both poles.

1996-97. Solo and unsupported across Antarctica. From the ocean side of Berkner Island , via the South pole, to Mc Murdo, November -January. First solo and unsupported of Antarctica.

1999. Climbed Huano Potosi in Bolivia, March.

1999. Climbed Cho Oyo in Tibet, August-September.

2001. Solo crossing of the Arctic Ocean. From cape Arktichesky in Russian, via the North Pole, to Ward Hunt Island in Canada. March – May (supported). First to have crossed both poles solo.

2002. Reconnaissance trip to Patagonia in Chile, Puerto Natales to Tortel, with Thomas Ulrich.

2003. Everest, South summit, March – May.

2003. Crossing the Southern Patagonia ice field in Chile, with Thomas Ulrich. From Tortel to Puerto Natales, August – October. First unsupported crossing.

2006. Winter expedition to the North Pole, with Mike Horn. From Cape Arctichesky in Russia, January – March. First unsupported North Pole trip during the months of winter

2007. Expedition in Fridtjon Nansens footsteps, with Thomas Ulrich. From the North Pole, to Frans Josef land, across the Barents Sea and to Oslo, May – September.

2009. Crossing the Northern Patagonia ice field, with Bengt Rotmo and Thorleif Nøkleby. From Laguna San Rafael to Fjord Steffen, November.

2010. Sailed through the northeast and northwest passages, with Thorleif Thorleifsson and teammates. From Norway, through the northeast passage, northwest passage, North Atlantic and back to Norway, June – October. First circumnavigate of the North Pole in one season.

2010. Crossing Vatnajøkulen on Iceland with Erling Kagge and Haraldur Ørn Olafsson.

2012. Starting the IceLegacy project with Vincent Colliard. Crossing Nordaustlandet ice field on Svalbard, with teammate, August. First human powered crossing.

2013. Crossing South Georgia with Thomas Ulrich and teammates. Shackleton Route from King Haakon Bay to Stromness, March.

2013. October – November. Crossing Southern Patagonia ice field, (IceLegacy project) with Vincent Colliard, and teammates. From Jorge Mont in Chile to Paso Marconi, October- November.

2014. Crossing the Spitsbergen ice field on Svalbard with Vincent Colliard (IceLegacy project). From Verlegenhuken to Von Post breen, August.

2015. Crossing Stikine ice field in Alaska, (IceLegacy project) with Vincent Colliard. From North Sawyer to Great Glacier and Stikine River, May. First north to south crossing.

2016. Crossing the St Elias ice field in Alaska with Vincent Colliard. (IceLegacy project). Largest ice field in US. From Novatak Glacier to Miles Glacier, April – May.

2017. Crossed the Chugach Icefield in Alaska with Vincent Colliard. (IceLegacy project). Second largest in the US. From Columbia Glacier to Markus Baker Glacier.

2019. Crossed Baffin Island with Vincent Colliard (Ice Legacy project).

2019. Crossed the North Pole with Mike Horn, from Nome in Alaska to Tromsø, August – December.