Davor Runje

Engineer, Scientist, Entrepreneur

Davor is a seasoned software engineer, computer scientist and serial entrepreneur. Most recently, he co-founded Airt, an Artificial Intelligence startup building an AI platform as a Service. Prior to that, he co-founded DRAP in 2008, one of the most awarded digital agencies in Croatia, acquired in 2018 by Imago Ogilvy. Back in 1997, he co-founded PlayMedia Systems, the leading provider of AMP MP3 playback technology on the global market where he invented and lead development of several DRM based and DRM free systems for digital audio distribution based of AMP® MP3 decoding engine for clients including DMX Music, STMicroelectronics and Napster.
As an educator, he teaches disruptive innovations at undergraduate level and applied AT at mini MBA at Algebra University College. He is a founder of Croatian AI league and regularly organizes meetups and conferences. Since 2020, he also serves as the president of the board of CISEx – professional association of Croatian independent software exporters.
He’s the author of 20 publications in theoretical computer science and one US patent. He received the SSCLI and Phoenix 2005 award by Microsoft Research as one of the best 16 research projects in international competition.