Domagoj Boljar

Co-founder and COO at MIRET

Domagoj is a footwear business expert with a green heart.

His father has been in the footwear business his entire life and he passed that love on Domagoj and his brother.
He has been in the industry for more than 10 years, and he helped manufacture sneakers for some of the most famous high-end brands in the world.
Domagoj showed his knowledge and quality in business but did not show respect to nature. As he had a rare opportunity to see things behind the scenes of the industry which most people don’t see, his brother helped him to realize the detrimental damage footwear has on nature.
For years we have been asking myself is there another way and? Is there a place in the industry for rebels against the conservative footwear production norms and materials?
With the help of Domagoj’s brother Hrvoje Boljar, Domagoj paved a new way. They decided to change the setting, the industry, and themselves.
The result of our 6 year-long journey is MIRET sneakers 97% made from 97% natural materials. They have come a long way and are still tackling each and every part of the remaining 3% in order to make a fully sustainable, natural sneaker.
Domagoj’s mission now is to help other brands and companies to transform into sustainability, with the use of green technologies, sustainable natural materials, so that they can together lead the way into a greener future.