Erica Svetec

Professional expert @Zelena energetska zadruga;

Erica is a professional expert in Green energy cooperative (ZEZ) and Assistant Project Manager for Future Cities SEE in Križevci. Her work involves project management in the area of community building, environmental impact and coordination with the EIT Climate team in Križevci. Furthermore, she is responsible for organization and strategy of YES TEAM in the city of Križevci to achieve system transformation with social and technical innovations towards energy independence and climate-neutrality by 2030. YES TEAM is a wider group, consisting of core team, governance group, allies and advisors, that together work on this process to achieve those highly ambitious goals. 

With a background in youth work and environmental engineering, she became a young change maker with an interest in youth participation in climate policy and positive initiatives, to connect with the regional orchestral team to coordinate and disseminate strategy and overall vision for the inclusion of the Balkan area with the EU and Green New Deal.