Fabrizio Gramuglio

Optimistic Realist & Futurist | Edge Innovator

Fabrizio has been a driving force in the world of innovation for decades. He is a Senior Innovator with more than 20 years of experience in innovation and technology management, strategy, and business analysis.

He worked as consultant, mentor, advisor, and director, designing and executing digital, technological, and corporate transformation strategies with a pragmatical and data-driven approach.

Fabrizio’s visionary contributions to the field of innovation, deep passion for exponential technologies, growth, and knowledge sharing have been recognized worldwide, and he has been invited to speak at conferences, seminars, and universities globally.

He is 3 times start-upper, 2 times funded; Singularity University Global Ambassador, Exponential Organization consultant, coach, and trainer, and a TEDx speaker.

Fabrizio is currently serving as Innovation Advisor in ISMC (Space Exploration), Xperience Plus (XR experiences in 5 senses), Forever Identity (Digital Resurrection), Connecting Talents (Talent development and acquisition), and as Technology Advisor for a ITFE Group (Trusted Advisors to Global Investors).

He also enjoys volunteering in mentorship activities for startups and companies to support their growth and providing them with essential information about leading innovation processes, managers coaching, managing IT projects, technology selection, architectures, networking, and team management.