Filip Ljubic

CEO and Founder of Q

Filip is the CEO and Founder of Q — a privately owned and managed tech company, recognized by Deloitte as one of the fastest-growing European tech firms. Q grew 4000% in the last 4 years. Today, Q operates on 20 markets worldwide, from Alaska to Dubai, through 6 global offices in New York, Belfast, Hamburg, Zürich, Vienna, and Zagreb HQ. With a strong client list, industry experts on-board, and an innovative approach to problem-solving, Q is one of the leading digital solutions providers in Europe. See more about Q at Q.Agency.

Prior to founding Q, Filip was the CEO of Amphinicy Technologies. He changed Amphinicy from a small and unknown company into the world’s #1 software provider for the satellite industry. The satellite industry is considered one of the most advanced and complex industries in the world where the competition is global and fierce. Also, as a Head of Business & Strategy at HomeExchange, California based company, Filip managed to turn local into global on more than 100 markets worldwide. Today, is the world’s largest home exchange platform present in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Q is a fully international company and did manage to acquire clients like Lufthansa, Audi, VW, Facebook, BBC, The Times in just 4 years since founding. The company’s slogan is “Whatever the Q, we got the A”. It’s modus-operandi is quite unique and they always try to attract inquisitive folks who are ready to find the A’s to the most challenging Q’s of today.