Goran Radic

Catalyst for innovative global development

In his twenty-year-career he has gone from working for some of the world famous corporations such as Hewlett Packard and Siemens on a various regional and managerial positions, to the transformation to the private entrepreneur, co-founder and board member of Applicon Group.

Since 2009, the group has launched several innovative product lines in software and hardware that are strongly placed on the international market. The international market being his primary focus, his companies successfully offer products and services on all continents, and work with many international clients. Instead of a narrow field, his areas of development of innovative products are diverse, from the development of electronic payment services and distribution of digital goods to fast growing countries, gamification, to competition with the best players in the interactive digital signage arena.


His go to market covers B2B, B2C and B2G segments, but for himself he likes to say that it is actually B2H (Business to Human) all the time, continuously in intensive communication with the people and with the constant thrive of understanding the needs of modern business and society.

With his team he developed several brands like Applicon-X, PandoPad and i-Cash. Apart from the IT business, he is investor in the tourism sector.

Goran is a creator and the first president of the association known as Croatian Independent Software Exporters which, by its long-term activity, awakened the inspiration for the development of export projects with many Croatian entrepreneurs.

He is a guest lecturer at universities and columnist in several specialized portals.