Goran Vrabec

CEO at VolimLjuto.com - chili pepper farming, hot sauce manufacturing, sales and distribution.

Goran Vrabec is the owner and CEO of Volim Ljuto, Croatian company which specializes in chili pepper farming and hot sauce and other chili products manufacturing. Business was started in 2013. as a family business from scratch. From the very beginning in 2013. digital channels were only marketing and sales channels.Today, Volim ljuto is established in Croatia as a leading chili pepper and hot sauce brand, and digital is still a primary sales and marketing channel. Volim Ljuto products are sold in more than 50 specialty food shops and over 250 restaurants are using their products. In 2017. they opened their own brick and mortar store in Zagreb called Spicy Days. Currently, they are working on expanding their farm to be able to serve all the customers and keep the top quality of the products.