Gordan Lauc

Scientist and entrepreneur from Zagreb, Croatia

Gordan Lauc is the Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Zagreb, Director of the National Centre of Scientific Excellence in Personalised Healthcare, honorary professor at the University of Edinburgh and the Kings College London and member of the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars. In 2017 he initiated the launch of the Human Glycome project and is one of its two co-directors. His research team is pioneering high throughput glycomic analysis and the application of glycan biomarkers in the field of precision medicine. After analyzing glycans in over 150,000 people they are combining glycomic data with extensive genetic, epigenetic, biochemical and physiological data in a systems biology approach to understand the role of glycans in normal physiology and disease.

Professor Lauc co-authored over 200 research articles that are cited over 5,000 times. He was PI and co-PI in multiple NIH, EU and national research projects. In 2007 he founded Genos, a biotech company that is currently a global leader in high-throughput glycomics. Research in Genos led to the development of the GlycanAge test of biological age.