Hana Hadziavdagic Tabakovic

Lifestyle Influencer & Brand Ambassador, TV Host & Journalist

Hana was born in Sarajevo in 1984, and she always proudly says that she is an Olympic child, but also a child of war-torn Sarajevo. She chose journalism and graduated on time, even though she never thought that television would be the path she would follow. Life brought her to Zagreb where she worked for five years as a showbiz journalist for Nova TV’s Red Carpet show, which she followed up with five more years of working on music shows for Hayat TV. Two years ago, she became an entrepreneur and successfully materialized her popularity on social media where she has thousands of fans and followers. She used her Instagram influence to start a marketing company with a symbolic name “The most beautiful again”. Under this motto she became famous on social media where se promotes celebrated brands. She is the cover face for numerous fashion designers and brands whose products she advertises on Instagram. Her influence on social media did not go unnoticed in Croatia and the region, so she became one of the lecturers at the “Inspire me” conferences that help young people to achieve things they want.

Hana decided to put on display her childhood values through her work, because her biggest target audience are young people aged 15 to 27, to whom she wishes to show that, besides our virtual lives, the most important thing is to be a kind hearted person. This is why she is a frequent blood donor together with her followers and also uses her messages to keep younger generations away from nationalism and religious intolerance, especially in this region.