Igor Strejček

Managing director for Croatia, Microblink

Igor is passionate about building and empowering teams to create digital products that profoundly transform the way we do ordinary things. With 20 years of experience in Erste Bank Croatia as a Head of Digital Development, he helped the bank to position as a top digital bank in Croatia with products like Photopay mBanking, Keks Pay wallet, and George platform.
Igor joined Microblink in 2021 as a Managing Director for Croatia, helping the company to transform from a start-up to a product-centric & customer-centric enterprise. He holds an MS in Information and Communication Technology from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb, Croatia.
Igor is also a proud husband and dad. Even after 20+ years of marriage and 5 children, he is still an incurable romantic.
Igor’s passion is dancing, as you can see from his TikTok account. His life goal is to make a viral TikTok dance with his youngest daughter.