Ilkka-Cristian Niemi

CEO at Software Sauna

Ilkka-Cristian is an experienced international business professional with a passion to improve other people’s lives. He is a founder and CEO of Software Sauna, a Croatian software development agency that combines Nordic business culture with the expertise of top notch engineers from the Balkan region.
He loves to learn about the best leadership practises and wants to build one of the best workplaces in Croatia.

Ilkka-Cristian was born in Finland, but he has spent most of his professional career abroad. He has a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management, and has gained extensive experience in the recruitment industry and outsourcing of business processes before starting his journey in the world of IT back in 2016. He spent 10 years living in Poland prior to moving to Zagreb 4 years ago. In his free time Ilkka-Cristian loves to travel, play golf and practice his sailing skills since sailing is his favourite way of exploring the Croatian coast.