Iva Babic

Digital Platforms Development Manager at A1 Hrvatska

Iva says that she still hasn’t found a simple answer to the question: “What do you do for a living?” 🙂 She thinks of herself as a problem solver and strategic thinker focused on people – no matter if they are customers or teammates. Her mission is to find the best way to use technology in order to solve problems, innovate, add value and improve processes, services, and products. She finds herself somewhere between product development, business development, and marketing.

Iva worked in the payment and telco industry on different products and services with one common denominator – digital. She worked on award-winning projects – websites, apps, and digital solutions that solve different problems.

She believes that technology is, and can be the answer to a lot of problems and needs, but most importantly it’s driven by people and they are the ones who need to have a clear understanding of the problem and vision of the solution. Her mantra is that a healthy team and inspirational leadership are the key to meaningful solutions. That’s why she’s focused on people and the way teams collaborate and do things no matter the methodology.

In her topic “The trap of falling in love with the solution” she will talk about the importance of starting from the insights, behavior, and needs or to be more concrete – the importance of starting from people. We all witnessed how existing needs changed overnight, a lot of companies found themselves with the solutions that are no more relevant – or at least are not relevant for the need or problem they used to fulfill. She will give you examples from which we can all learn and remind you to rethink what it is that you do and why you do it in the first place.