Ivan Božić

CEO and Founder @ Ars Futura

A software engineer turned designer, Ivan has spent the last 9 years as the CEO and cofounder of Ars Futura, a design and development agency.
Before starting Ars Futura, Ivan studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, but dropped out after a few futile years of trying to combine work and academia. During college, he freelanced for companies and worked on a few smaller startups that never actually got anywhere, but served as a great way to meet people and dig deeper into the world of building software products. Since 2013, Ivan worked on growing Ars Futura to a team of 50 designers, engineers, managers, testers, and all around wonderful people. Ars Futura has designed and built products for a wide variety of clients – from working on huge streaming services for Activision Blizzard to building a bespoke CRM platform for Harvard University.  In his private time, Ivan enjoys spinning Fleetwood Mac vinyl, mixing cocktails, exploring emojis, and hates writing about himself.