Ivana Kurtović

Neuromarketing-based marketing communication strategist, Reebok marketing manager

Ivana believes that some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.

When nothing is certain, anything is possible!

She was raised in Croatia, on the island, far from the mainland on the lighthouse, moved around multiple times and she considers herself to be an urban nomad.

She holds International degree in Neuromarketing Management from Hamburg Media School, and PostGraduate study in Marketing Communication from University in Zagreb. Ivana is also 2018 Program Committee of the Neuromarketing World Forum in Singapore.

Working in the Reebok brand with most aspirational mantra Be More Human; gives her a lot of areas to play in, and a lot to respond to within culture and the current mindset of the world. The basic idea of being “Be More Human” is self-optimization, not perfection; a transformation that happens when we move—physically, mentally and socially.

She believes in the unique combination of creative marketing abilities and business strategy development and she has strong drive to continue the growth and expertise in the field of Marketing, Neuromarketing and Brand development.

Ivana is an avid fan of innovation. And coffee; to be more precise; she is specialty coffee freak.

She admires people who are humble. Humble people have greatness in them, they have goodness, kindness, skills, great minds, and humility. Moreover, she is a longtime admirer of ability for experts, people who have been very successful in their field of study, to come back down to the level of ordinary people and reveal that there was also a time in their lives when they felt out of their depth and confused. They were able to go on to accomplish great things and then also come back and attempt to explain things in such simple terms even a five-year-old could understand