Jens Lapinski

Managing Director at Techstars

Jens is a Managing Director at Techstars where he invests in ten technology startups per year. He founded the Berlin office in 2014. In 2017, Berlin became the largest office of the global Techstars Network, hosting four programs.

Before Techstars, Jens was a partner at Forward Labs, which he co-founded in January 2012. Forward Labs built profitable startups at high speed using lean startup principles. Out of over 100 businesses tested, four successful businesses were built/invested in during his tenure.

Before Labs, Jens co-founded and was CEO of aiHit, a provider of automated company data to the business information industry. aiHit was backed by Amadeus and VTB Capital and sold to some of the world’s largest information players including Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax. The company was acquired by MatchDeck in 2015.

Prior to this, he was the VP Analysis & Consulting at Library House (now Dow Jones), a business information and research company, which he helped grow from seven to over 50 employees within four years.

During his PhD at Cambridge University, he developed, patented and licensed new water technology. Jens lives in Berlin with his wife Iris and young daughters Lucie and Anna.