Kresimir Dobrilovic

CEO & Founder at CARWIZ rent a car

Kresimir Dobrilović is the owner and CEO of Carwiz rent a car. His long work experience in the car rental industry, at leading positions in some of the largest rent a car company in Croatia has brought together a wealth of knowledge and experience. Led by a wish to create additional values, two years ago he launched his own business – Rent a car house of a unique name – Carwiz. With its innovative approach to business, in a very short time, the company gained the reputation of the most innovative rent a car house in the industry. The above result is Kresimir’s credit, due to the visionary approach to business, who has achieved significant business results in cooperation with his team in just two years of business.

Outstanding reach was achieved by placing the franchise network Carwiz on numerous international markets. This has achieved great success at the level of positioning a domestic export product, which makes Carwiz one of the few domestic companies that managed to place their own franchise business on the global market.

In the field of bidding, they have developed a wide range of opportunities for all B2B and B2C clients, and today Carwiz is best rated domestic rent a car house by customer ratings from all around the world.

In his free time, he is doing sports, with emphasis on football and tennis. At one time he was an active car racing driver as part of the VIP Business Cup competition. He says that he is simple, spontaneous and focused on business and life goals, when in the meantime his associates describe him as a modern, out of box manager. He is married, father of two children and  the owner of a three-dog ergele who successfully respond to “come”, “sit” and “do not”.