Krešimir Dvorski

Nextbike License partner for Montenegro, Serbia and North Macedonia & Business Developer @ Dash.City SEE

Krešimir Dvorski, B.Sc. with 20+ years of experience in Sales, Marketing, PR and multidisciplinary projects. Worked for several reputable companies in his 20+ year-long career. Today one of the leading regional experts in sustainable micro-mobility.

2012-2020 co-founder and former co-owner and Managing Director of nextbike Croatia, Slovenia and BiH, the first and the largest bike-sharing system network in the region. Track record: 32 cities in Croatia, BiH and Slovenia.

Today, the owner of the nextbike licenses for Montenegro, Serbia, and Northern Macedonia and the Founder and Business Developer at Dash.City, the World’s first station-based e-scooter sharing system soon to be operating in more than 10 cities in Croatia.

Despite all the challenges brought by the pandemic, keep your heads up!

Vision: public transport integration focused on the preferences of key target groups aiming to build sustainable cities as better places to live in.