Lada Tedeschi Fiorio

Vicepresident of Supervisory Board at Atlantic Grupa

Lada Tedeschi Fiorio has been co-driving the development of Atlantic Grupa for the last 20 years, and has left her mark on every one of the company’s strategic milestones, to name only the pivotal amongst them would be enough – the acquisition of Cedevita in 2001 and evolving from a renowned distributor to a prominent producer, penetrating the West with the first acquisition in Germany (Multipower) by a private company from Croatia in 2005, and finally Atlantic’s landmark acquisition of Droga Kolinska in 2010, doubling the company in all parameters. In her 40s she discovered running as the force of life, and, as a recreational runner, she can claim nearly professional results. She never runs from, though, but towards – opportunities and challenges equally, but her marathon so far has been the long run of mentoring young professionals in several projects critical to the company’s growth. The most valuable mentorship to her heart is yet reserved to her fourteen years old twins at home.

Lada began her career in Atlantic in 1997 as the Deputy Director for Finance. As Vice President for Investor Relations and Business Development she had an important role in negotiations with potential investors during all of Atlantic’s acquisitions as well as in the process of initial public offering (IPO) in 2007. As Atlantic Grupa was transformed into a joint stock company, she was appointed Vicepresident of the Supervisory Board, also heading the Board’s Investment Committee. Before joining Atlantic, she acquired business experience in multinational companies, Wrigley in Germany and Mars Masterfood in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Arab Emirates. She received her bachelor’s degree in economics at Universita’ commerciale L. Bocconi in Milan, and continued her professional specialization at the London Business School.