Lana Jurčević

Founder La PIEL

If you leave her in room where music video is being edited and the editor gets sick – she will edit and finish it by herself. If you give her to write a song, she will probably make a song that will end up with 10-20 million Yt views. If you want to talk with her about skincare, ingredients and cosmetic trends in the world, she will be happy about it, If you give her a phone or a camera and a few products, she will make great content for social media.
But, where is she how? Lana is one of the most popular Croatian musicians as well as a businesswoman. She has more than 100 million views on Youtube and almost 1 million followers on social media channels. She is the first artist from this region that has ever signed a international music contract for a label as Warner music. Except singing, she wrote music and lyrics for some of her biggest hits, travelled to almost all continents to have music tours. She has been a host in biggest national Tv shows, also a finalist and a contestant in Dancing with the stars. She has worked as a brand ambassador for Nestle, Adidas, Guess, Microsoft, Coppertone, Ministry of Health etc. Lana is also the founder of natural skincare brand La PIEL that has made a huge success in Adriatic region. It is the fastest growing skincare brand in the region with the biggest base of followers. The brand is present in 9 countries (etail & retail). She knows a lot about e-commerce, content creating, digital platforms, she even had most visited blog in the country for a long time. She is a visionary, optimist and a hard worker. Sounds too good? Well, it hasn’t aways been easy and it is still challenging, but she always belived in her dreams, but more in consistency, not giving up and continuous growth and learning. She has been a guest and panelist at many conferences and summits, international & local. She combined her experience in the music industry and used it for her own brand’s growth. Being included in all processes during her 15 year career, gave her a big advantage. People who are creative need to create something all the time and they never stop, just like her. Hope her experience will help other people, especially young ones.