László Gulyás

Node Director of EIT Digital, responsible for SEE. Startupper, academic and innovator.

László Gulyás started his career as an AI researcher at Loránd Eötvös University, Budapest. During the ‘.com boom’ he co-founded AITIA, a company applying cutting-edge research results to create new products and solutions. This company was later ranked as the #1 fastest growing Hungarian IT company and among the top 10 in Central and Eastern Europe in several years. Laszlo maintained a parallel career in academia and business: he worked at Harvard, CEU, Loránd Eötvös University and the Universitat de Barcelona, while maintaining his position in AITIA as head of research and head of division. In 2014, he joined EIT Digital to continue his personal mission, of bridging business, research, or higher education, at a European level. Since 2018, he is the director of EIT Digital’s Budapest Node, responsible for 6 countries, including Croatia and member of EIT Digital’s Management Committee.