Lenja Faraguna

Black sheep. Mompreneur. Modern Marketing Mentor for Personal Brands. Business diamond accelerator.

Lenja believes that “for your marketing to be supremely effective you don’t need a degree in marketing but in humanity.”

She is nakedly honest public speaker. A mompreneur. Mom to her young son Noa and “mom” to the modern marketing approach called marcareting which she tattoos into business mindset and strategy of brands which make money and change the world. This is the DNA of all her online digital courses: The marcareting minicourse, The Modern Marcareting Academy, Heart2Money writing workshop, Action Heroes mastermind and Launch Your love business series, starting in 2018.

She holds a Degree in English studies and a Masters in Semiotics of radio advertising at the University of East London and Karl-Franzens university Graz.
Lenja was named one of 12 World Changers by the New York Times Bestselling author Roy H. Williams, one of 40 most influential radio personalities under 40 by the Radio Advertising bureau USA.

She is the founder of the online community of international business women – Visible Women Worldchangers and a co-founder of the Club 466 International, philanthropic and educational Club for women in Slovenia.

She had a major “personal and business bankruptcy” in 2012 and has learned to turn her sh** into the fertiliser for her glory. She went from bribing her friends and her dad to come to her seminars in 2011, to speaking with Gary Vaynerchuk in Bucharest in 2017 (www.brandminds.ro)

She loves Xavier Naidoo song “Bitter hör nicht auf zu Träumen” & Madness’ song “How can I tell you” because it sums up her values about life and communication. She believes your brand is worth 400 trillions (and can prove it to you).